About us

A long family tradition

Misita is the name of the plateau close to Gattopardo’s land, a few steps away from Agrigento’s countryside and its ancient Valle dei Templi.

isita is the name of the plateau on the south western coast of Sicily, a few speps away from the ancient Temples Valley and nestled between the glittering marl Punta Bianca promontory and the mount of the Naro river.

Situated at the southern end of Agrigento, the farm spans across 350 hectares of land with clay-like soils, located at altitudes between ten and sixty meters above the sea level.

La storia racconta che le terre di Misita, già oggetto di una lunga controversia tra la Chiesa e Manfredi Chiaramonte originariamente destinate a riserva di caccia, furono acquistate nella metà dell’Ottocento dalla famiglia Dulcetta e furono portate in dote quando, nel 1923, Giuseppina Dulcetta sposò Giuseppe Vita.

Dal matrimonio nacquero quattordici figli e da questi quaranta nipoti i quali oggi, di generazione in generazione, sono stati trasmessi l’amore e la cura per la campagna, le sue coltivazioni e i suoi riti e le sue tradizioni.

The unique characteristics of the land, the mildness of the climate and the tireless work of men and women are united for centuries by an indissoluble bond.

The fruits of our land

Six hectares of secular native olive trees lay among the vineyards, next to the sea and alongside the Naro river.

Misita PITARRE Nero d’Avola – DOC Sicilia

The symbol of Sicilian winemaking, at the same elegant and with a strong personality. The colour is ruby-red with violet reflections. The aroma is intense, fruity and with notes of red berry fruit. The taste is usually full-bodied, warm and dry. The tannin is obvious but at the same time fine and graceful.


Misita Grillo – DOC Sicily

The colour is straw yellow with golden reflections. The aroma is a triumph of fruit and citrus softening into notes of wild flowers and orange blossom. The taste is fresh, well structured and with a pleasant finish, slightly sapid and mineral.


Extra virgin Olive oil

It’s an extra virgin olive oil from first pressing, produced with Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice olives harvested by hand and processed within twelve hours at low temperatures to keep the level of acidity to the minimum. The colour is golden with green reflections.

The aroma is fruity, while the taste is balanced and slightly spicy with hints of tomato, artichoke and almond.


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